There’s nothing better than a simple, delicate guest-worthy dessert. Everyone needs a few of these in her back pocket. It doesn’t matter if you’re making dessert for a romantic dinner at home or if you’re having a dinner party.

The other group that will go crazy for this dessert? Kids.

Panna cotta is a lightly sweet, egg free custard-like dish. I used gelatin, which is the traditional way to set the dessert. You could also use agar agar. The idea is to thicken the milk just enough to make it slightly firm and creamy but not so much that it’s like jello.

It’s traditionally made with heavy cream. I opted for coconut milk to make this dairy-free. And, instead of white sugar I used honey. You could use maple syrup or another liquid sweetener.

Since panna cotta isn’t overly sweet, adding sweetened berry sauce is the perfect compliment. I used frozen berries, thawed them and then pureed them.

My boys loved it, and I was thrilled that they were getting the healthy coconut fat. Me? I’m a chocolate kind of gal. But oh my. This panna cotta is silky smooth with every single bite.

Like jello, this dessert should be served chilled. If you let it sit at room temperature too long it will soften and though it’ll still taste great it will be more like a pudding and less like a custard.

Who’s making this? Or at least putting in on their ‘simple dessert’ list?

Coconut Milk Panna Cotta

A simple to make dairy free panna cotta recipe with coconut milk and berry sauce. Prep time is short; needs to chill for 4 hours or overnight before serving.

5 minPrep Time

for the panna cotta:
for the berry sauce
make the panna cotta:

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