ON busy mornings, having a balanced, healthy breakfast isn’t always easy.

But taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference to your day.

Mrs Crunch shares three simple recipes that are perfect for busy families

Here are some great recipes the whole family will love and include breakfasts that you can prepare the night before to save time.

And as they’re all gluten-free they’re perfect for people who are sensitive to this protein that’s found in wheat, barley and rye. Enjoy!

Branch out from your usual bowl of porridge to try out some of our healthy and original recipes

Baked eggs and sausages

Serve up this baked eggs and sausages recipe with gluten-free bread for a heartier breakfast

Preparation time: 10 mins.

One serving contains 321 calories (16 per cent of your recommended daily intake), 19g fat (27%), 6.5g sat fat (33%), 13g sugar (14%), 1.2g salt (20%).

4 Morrisons Free From pork sausages

½ tablespoon olive oil, plus extra, to drizzle

2 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes

A large handful of chopped coriander

120g Greek style yoghurt, to serve

METHOD: Preheat the oven to 180C. Peel, halve, then slice the onion and thinly slice the pepper.

Squeeze the meat from the sausage casings and cut into 2cm pieces.

Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat and add the sausage pieces, turning, for three minutes or until browned.

Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Add your onion and pepper to the pan and cook, stirring frequently, for six minutes or until soft.

Return the sausages to the pan with the tomatoes. Bring to a simmer, then cook for five minutes or until your sauce is slightly thickened. Season with salt and pepper.

Divide mixture among 4 x 18cm shallow, ovenproof dishes. Make a hollow in the centre of the tomato mixture in each dish, then carefully crack an egg into each hollow. Bake for ten minutes or until the egg whites are just set and yolks are still runny.

Scatter coriander over the bakes. Top each with a spoonful of yoghurt.

TIP: Serve with gluten-free bread for a heartier breakfast.



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Granola bars

You can use almonds and sunflower seeds for a healthy and fun batch of granola bars

Preparation time: 10 mins.

One serving contains 293 calories (15 per cent of your RDA), 25g fat (36%), 15g sat fat (75%), 8g sugar (9%), trace salt (less than 1 %).

180g grated unsweetened coconut

130g diced dried apricots

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

METHOD: Place 120g of the almonds and 120g of the sunflower seeds into a food processor and blend until chopped into small pieces. Pour into a bowl and blitz the remaining into larger pieces.

Mix the remaining nuts, seeds, coconut and dried apricot into the finely chopped nut mixture until the mixture is combined.

Combine coconut oil, honey, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract and salt in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook until the coconut oil mixture bubbles and turns a lighter colour, for three to five minutes.

Pour the coconut over the fruit and nut mixture; stir until the granola mixture takes on the consistency of wet sand.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Pour granola mixture onto the tray; place a second sheet of greaseproof paper on top of the granola mixture. Push down on the paper until the mixture has been evenly spread and pack tightly.

Cool for at least two hours then cut and serve.

TIP: Nuts or seeds of your choice can be used instead of almonds and sunflower seeds.

Overnight oats

Soak porridge oats over night for Mrs Crunch’s simple and healthy recipe

Preparation time: 5 minutes.

Soak overnight. Each serving contains 300 calories (15 per cent RDA), 4g fat (6%), 0.8g sat fat (4%), 21.5g sugar (24%), 0.36g salt (6%).

160g gluten-free porridge oats

800g fat free natural yoghurt

300g of your favourite fruits – chopped, apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries

METHOD: Layer the porridge, yoghurt and fruit in a jar or bowl.

Cover and put in the refrigerator overnight so the porridge absorbs all the yogurt.

In the morning, stir the mixture so all the layers are mixed together and top with more fruit.

TIP: Make this in a plastic container as a fantastic portable breakfast.

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