Blends By Orly is a line of four different blends of gluten free flour. Each flour blend has been formulated to mimic the taste and texture of particular categories of baking/cooking. Blends By Orly are made with the highest quality wholesome gluten free ingredients, and are also gluten free certified ou kosher certified, non-gmo certified, nut free, vegan and corn free. Blends By Orly allows you to make their favorited recipes by just replacing the wheat flour with one of the blends and provides a simple way to prepare baked goods that are so delicious and taste the same as the gluten filled version. Blends By Orly are the culmination of countless gluten free experiments that orly the baker tested during her years living and studying in Paris, Sydney, new York, London, and Tuscany. Each blend is inspired by the culinary delights of that city.

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